The ultimate measuring system for precise horse back measurement!

EQUIscan is a 7-award winning and patented system for measuring the horse’s back and checking the fit accuracy of a saddle.

The tool for the professional is the Topograph Pro. When measuring with the Topograph Pro, the horse’s back is recorded numerically in 3 dimensions and stored on an EQUIscan platform. The device is used to accurately assess the fit of a saddle. Following the measurement, the Topograph PRO can be used to immediately perform a fit check of an existing saddle.

Whether new or used, the EQUIscan measuring system is suitable for all riding styles, horse breeds and saddles.

EQUIscan is represented nationally and internationally!

Thanks to our partners and PRV’s you can use our unique and patented measuring system throughout Germany and in many countries.

We work with manufacturers, saddleries and specialized dealers as partners. Qualified trainers, therapists and alternative practitioners work for us as horse back measurers.


The EQUIscan product line!

EQUIscan offers a complete package for precise measurement of the horse’s back and the matching equipment for customized saddle trees.