Does Your Saddle Fit?

Does your Sadlle fit?

Timely control protects the health of your horse!

Get clarity about the fit of your saddle by measuring it with the Topograph PRO.

Why should I have my horse measured with EQUIscan?

1. Gain immediate clarity concerning your saddle’s fit and receive a transparent and comprehensible evaluation.

2. Take a look „through the horses back“ and see the saddle’s fit in areas that are otherwise not accessible.

3. Avoid mispurchases and simplify the path to a fitting saddle.

Multiple award-winning system – suitable for all saddles and riding…

EQUIscan Horseback Measurers

Your objective contact for measuring your horse’s back and/or evaluating the saddle’s fit.

– Horse specialists, trained and certified by EQUIscan.

– Indepent and neutral

EQUIscan Partner

Your address for the saddle that fits. Browse our list of saddle makers, fitters and retailers to find the perfect saddle for you and your horse with the basis of an EQUIscan measurement.

  • Saddles „made for your horse“
  • Transparent saddle fittings, the choice for the correct saddle is made using the measurement data and regarding the anatomy of horse and rider
  • Targeted saddle fittings and alterations
  • Worldwide use of the system due to a unified standard

EQUIscan Premium Partner

Actively work with the measuring system and digitally post the measurements, including the required photo documentation, to the Equiscan platform. This allows the measurement data to be forwarded directly online to saddleries or manufacturers. This may be required for a fit modification or the manufacture of a saddle or saddle tree.

All Premium Partners offer the full scope of the Equiscan system. Through the digital recording on the online platform, control options are available for the correctness of the measurement through a 3D pdf. Angle and width measurements of the horse’s back are possible. This is an essential measuring tool when comparing the 3D pdf. This shows the change of the horse back clearly in numerical values. If 2 measurements of the same horse are saved, it is also possible to create and display a 3D comparison in color-graphical form. This makes changes in the horse’s back visually visible (muscle build-up and breakdown).

EQUIscan Certified Partner

Are trained by Equiscan in a 3-day training block in anatomy,
biomechanics and the handling of the online platform. have been trained. The measuring practice on the horse as well as the fit check of the saddles with the with the Topograph Pro are the main components of the certification.
All certified partners always have the opportunity to take part in all other participate in all other Equiscan training courses and to deepen their and deepen their knowledge.

EQUIscan Partner with limited performance

They also receive instruction on the correct handling of the Equiscan measuring system on the horse and for the Equiscan online platform, but they do not have access to the platform. Therefore, no digital data can be created and cannot be forwarded to manufacturers or saddleries.

The horse back measurements cannot be checked for correctness via a 3D pdf. In addition, no 2 measurements can be compared digitally. The data is not recorded in the uniform digital system of Equiscan. This results in limited legal certainty and does not allow for a desired exchange of data.

By not using the Equiscan platform, these partners have limited performance of the measurement system capabilities offered by Equiscan.

Our partners and back measurers regularly offer appointments for measurements and saddle fittings. Take a look and find one in your area!

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