Accessories for EQUISCAN Measuring System

Professional Set

For a professional perfomance at cusotmers stable
Consists of:
– Work table
– Foam block for secure storage of Topographer PRO and saddle
– Coating for the foam block from easy to clean material
7,3 kg
256,00 €

Foam block

2 pieces foam block for secure storage of the locked Topographer PRO and as a work surface for the saddle during a fit control
2,1 kg
78,00 €

Foam block cover

Easy to clean cover for the protection of the foam block
1 kg
 149,00 €


Provides the perfect storage space for the case or the foam block
4,2 kg
29,00 €

Level small

Made of acrylic glass
0,01 kg
23,00 €

Level big

Made of aluminium
0,05 kg
138,00 €

Adhesive tape

Doublesided medical adhesive tape, 10 m, price per roll
0,08 kg
13,80 €

Measuring tape

For determining body circumference, weight and height
0,03 kg

on request

Torx wrench

The bit is not part of the delivery!
0,06 kg
17,70 €

Bits for torx wrench

Spare bits for Torx wrench either as TX 15 (left) or TX 10 (right). Please just compare with the existing bits.
0,01 kg
2,50 €

Transport case

With no inlay or sticker
2,9 kg
77,00 €


Inlay made of foam, without transport case
0,58 kg
 78,00 €

Sticker for transport case

Available in English, German and French, printed on high-quality adhesive film
18,00 €

Transport case complete

Ready to use, without accessories
3,48 kg
173,00 €


Display “The measuring of the horses back… ?”

Perfect Display for exhibition or horse show, incl. transport bag
4 kg
100,00 €

Basecap EQUIscan

High quality basecap with stitched EQUIscan logo, one size fits mo
“one size fits most”
0,01 kg
8,50 €

Promotion package

10x Poster “Measuring of the …” Din A 3,
10x EQUIscan sticker 10 x 3,5 cm,
10x EQUIscan sticker 15 x 5,0 cm,
10x EQUIscan sticker 19,5 x 6,5 cm,
300x customers leaflet “Passt Ihr Sattel” (only available in German!)
8,00 €

EQUIscan Pott

“Coffee pott” with printed EQUIscan logo
0,32 kg
5,00 €

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