Become an EQUIscan Partner

Become an EQUIscan Partner

Distinguish yourself from other companies and names, offer your clients a real additional value. Use the systems possibilities. Perfectly aligned components, developed by professionals for professional use.

The EQUIscan Measurement System

All components are practice-oriented in order to assist you in your daily work with clients. The following are the systems 3 main components:

  • The Topograph PRO, a tool that can record data and the horses back shape. It delivers the basis for assessing a saddles fit, guides you when fitting a saddle or choosing a new/used saddle.
  • The Horseback Saddlestand, brings the horses back to your workshop or store. Reproduce the horses back 1:1, display any assymetries and adjust the stand to the correct balance in the room. Place a saddle on the stand and have the rider take a seat, it is sturdy and can be used as a means of sampling a saddle.
  • The Online Platform as your personal storage space for all of your data concerning clients, horses, measurements as well as your photo documentations. The platform also includes valuable tools such as the 3D visuals and the 3D comparisons of 2 measurements.

Collecting and editing your measurement data gets even easier with the Mobile App which complements the first three parts of this system. Another add on is the interchangeable working headpiece for the stand, with which you can safely secure a saddle while working in your workshop. Combine these components in a way that will benefit your company.

Features that make measuring with EQUIscan unique

  • EQUIscan has created a global standard that allows you an unlimited exchange of data. Every measurement is documented in the same way and thus is comprehensible and reproducible.
  • There is no need to send templates, stencils or other parts and pieces to complete a measurement.
  • The Topograph PRO is the only system that can assess the saddle fit immediately on site in a way that is coherent for the client. It can be used to check the suitability of a saddle for the horse in question and you are able to reproduce past measurements at any given time or place.

Advantages for Makers, Fitters and Retailers

  • Makers can offer their customers saddles that are fit-optimized.
  • Saddleries receive an exact tool that allows them to adjust or alter saddles very precisely. Furthermore the system can be applied usefully when making a saddle.
  • Retailers can offer measurements as a new service and reach more customers this way.
  • An exact documentation of the horses back shape gives you legal coverage and security.
  • Outstanding aid when choosing a new or used saddle.
  • Simplify your communication with manufacturers and saddleries.
  • Distinguish yourself from others that still perform saddle fittings by ‘feel’.
  • Continuous schooling and advanced training possibilities.

Have we aroused your interest? Then just give us a call or send an email if you would like us to introduce our system further, either here in Obersteinebach, Germany or in your area!