Saddle Trees

EQUIscan Sddletrees

The tree is the heart of every saddle. Construction and form decide the amount of comfort the horse is given, the seat places the rider in the desired position.

EQUIscan started designing and manufacturing series or custom saddle trees that are used in various saddleries in 2003. We are able to construct the trees to fit the horse based on the measurement with the Topograph PRO and mould the seat to meet the riders exact wishes.

The production process and highly sturdy construction are patented. The production takes place in our workshop from start to finish.

Developing a Prototype

EQUIscan offers the possibility of developing a prototype, to later have your model cast in synthetic or wood material. An existing tree (any type or style) is first scanned, then digitalized and later altered on a monitor to your wishes and ideas.

After modeling the prototype the STL data is produced and forwarded to the commissioner for further processing.

Milling a wooden prototype adds extra security because it allows you to see the construction fully, thus canceling out any failures or mistakes prior to e.g., investing in an expensive mould for making synthetic trees.

Should you have any questions concerning our trees, give us a call or send an email!