Premium Partner 2024

Honouring our Partner at the Spoga Horse 2024

At Spoga-Horse 2024, we had the opportunity to present five of our partners with premium status. This status is awarded to partners who have provided complete and correct measurements on the platform over a period of at least one year.

1. Partner and Country representative in UAE
EquiSOUQ, Annalisa Sella
EquiSOUQ specialises in high-quality, tailor-made saddlery and equestrian clothing. It offers its services throughout the Middle East.

2. Partner in Switzerland
IPM Scherz, Martin Scherz
Saddle and accessories services

3. Partner in France
Sellier DLM, Isabelle und Patrick Delameilleure
Sellier DLM offer customised saddles and accessories, measurement of the horse’s back by Equiscan and online tutorials to learn the profession of saddler.

4. Partner in Austria
Sattlerei Kipperer, Katja Kipperer
The Kipperer saddlery stands for custom-made craftsmanship using the best materials, primarily for equestrian sports, but also for dogs and everyday use.

5. Partner in Germany
Pferdewirtin Meike Freischlader
Mrs Freischlader develops holistic and individual concepts for horses and humans, thereby creating a new natural connection.


We congratulate our new premium partners and wish them continued success!