Innovation 2024


The horse's skeleton in 3D

The name EQUIscan originally stands for the scanning of horse backs and customised saddle tree production. In 2018, the idea arose to scan a complete horse skeleton. The scans needed to have a very high resolution and meet scientific standards.

After 3 years of intensive work, we are now able to visualise the product true to the original and naturalistically using high-resolution 3D data. We offer the option of viewing each individual bone or the complete skeleton in 3D, analysing it and printing it out 1:1 or scaled down to any specified size.

It is the first completely scanned horse skeleton in such a high resolution. It is possible to view all of the horse’s bones online. The 3D printout offers the possibility of long-term use and storage. This is a great advantage for all anatomy-related professions such as veterinarians and medical students at various educational institutions, osteopaths, physiotherapists and saddlers.

The EQUIscan 3D horse skeleton has been nominated for the SPOGA HORSE 2024 Innovation Award.

In order to be able to deliver convincing products, we attach great importance to ensuring that all our devices are state-of-the-art. We employ programmers and IT specialists to realise the concept online.