Training and certification for partners

Training and certification for partners

A long journey from the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland was undertaken by one new partner and four partners who have been active for some time for instruction in the EQUIscan Mess-System and Partner Certification at our premises in Obersteinebach.

In theory and practice, they learned and deepened the measurement on the horse, the data recording and transfer of the measurements to the platform as well as the use of the platform and the advertising tools of the homepage. In the MUSEUM FÜR REITKULTUR, the theory took place in question and answer sessions, where even the already experienced partners could still learn many tips, tricks and innovations in the use of Topograph PRO, platform and homepage. The practice took place in Christoph Rieser’s Hackamore Stable, where various measurements were practised and checked with professional assistance.

As a new Equiscan partner in the Netherlands we now welcome:

Dominique van Buuren und Evelien Lalesse-Velthuis, EURO-Horse Western Riding Supplies

The change from PRV status to partner in Austria has been completed:

Andrea Koppensteiner, Sun-Rise-Ranch

And our long-standing partners from Switzerland have successfully completed the certification as well as a briefing for a staff member:

Nina Gygax, Heidi Horst und Martin Scherz, IPM Scherz

Congratulations and continued success!

All updates on our partners and PRVs can be found on our homepage at:

EQUIscan Partners and Back Measurers