PRV Training April 2023

PRV Training 01.-03. April 2023

In April 2023, an intensive PRV training took place in Obersteinebach.

Two highly interested, prospective PRVs (horse back measurers), Ms Verena Aimmer and Ms Tina Büttner, first shared the training room in the Museum of Equestrian Culture with the participants of the fully booked saddle seminar on Saturday.

The topics covered included the following:

– The anatomy of the horse and biomechanics.

– What happens when the horse starts to move?

– What influence does the rider have on the horse’s movement?

– The horse’s saddle position and the support of the saddle / where does the saddle belong?

– Different types of saddles according to construction, style and area of use

– Girth types and saddle panels

– Which factors have to be taken into account when choosing a suitable saddle?

– Checking the fit of a saddle

– Measuring methods for the horse’s back and the adaptability of the saddle … etc.

On Sunday, the handling of the Topograph PRO, the mobile APP and the Equiscan platform was taught in theory and practice on the horse. First, older measurements were reproduced and then compared on the corresponding horses in order to make changes in the topline, musculature and overall constitution visible. Subsequently, these horses were measured again and thus the procedure of a complete, correct measurement including photo documentation was practised intensively.

Back in the training room, the measurements were transferred to the platform via the mobile app and the processing options such as angle measurements, display of asymmetries, 3D PDF, 3D comparison of two measurements (old vs. new) and the tools of the platform were explained.

On Monday, the topic of saddle fit check was on the agenda: measurements were reproduced and inserted in various saddles of different types and construction to check the fit. Mr. Rieser explained the structured procedure for checking the fit and what is important to pay attention to. The participants practised and assessed various saddles with the topograph.

After the comprehensive briefing, the PRV candidates now have to perform five measurements each and place them on the platform. These are checked by Equiscan for completeness and plausibility. If the trial measurements are found to be good and correct, Ms Verena Aimmer and Ms Tina Büttner receive their PRV certificates and are allowed to “go to the start”.


Ms Verena Aimmer will be on the road as a PRV in the Rosenheim area & surrounding region in Bavaria, Ms Tina Büttner in the Zwickau, Gera and Chemnitz area – Germany. Clients will find the new PRVs listed on our homepage at

We wish them a good start and lots of success!