Static AND dynamic?

A horse back measurement with the TOPOGRAPHEN PRO is static. The shape of the horse’s back is measured in a relaxed state.

Important for the correct fit is the clearance in the shoulder and lumbar region. The Dynamic Pressure Measuring proves that a saddle correctly fitted with the TOPOGRAPHEN PRO also fits in motion. It also shows how and where the horse is loaded under the rider’s weight during movement. However, the pressure measurement does not provide any data for saddle manufacture or changing the fit of a saddle.

On the photos you can see a pressure measurement in motion. With this saddle, there was a suspicion that the horse was overloaded in the shoulder area when riding. However, the pressure measurement did not show any pressure peaks in the shoulder and lumbar area. The saddle had been equipped with the EQUIscan TOPOGRAPH PRO. A nice example that the implementation of a static measurement also fits in motion.